Cyclopen 1% eye drop


Generic Name: Cyclopentolate (1%)

Box Qty: 10ml

Brand: Ethical

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Uses of Cyclopen

This drug can be used for refraction and uveitis (eye effects).

Side effects of Cyclopen

This drug may cause systemic anticholinergic effects (decreased urination, dry mouth etc.) , eye problems such as transient stinging (pain in the eye), Riased intra-ocular pressure , and local irritation.

When not to use Cyclopen

To be avoided in patients with eye problems such as narrow angle glaucoma , Paralytic ileus (digestive problem) , Children with organic brain(brain disorder) , and newborns.



Please avoid driving when taking this medicine as it may affect your ability to drive.


Risk can not be ruled out.

Breast Feeding

Caution advised or effect undetermined.


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