Feldene 10mg


Generic Name: Piroxicam (10mg)

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Medicine Overview Of Feldene 10mgUses of FeldeneThe oral tablets are used in the management of pain in osteoarthritis (type of arthritis) , Rheumatoid arthritis (type of arthritis caused by autoimmune disorder), ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis that affects spine), acute Gout (arthritis due to uric acid build up) and Juvenile chronic arthritis JCA.Side effects of FeldeneSome patients may experience stomach disturbances, skin rash and reactions, oedema (swelling), Malaise (body ache), brain effects and Tinnitus (ringing in ears). Please consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.When not to use FeldeneThis medicine must not be used by patients with active peptic ulcer, history of recurrent ulcerations, and Aspirin/anti-inflammatory induced allergy.How to take FeldeneThis medicine should be taken with food.WarningsAlcoholPlease avoid consuming alcohol when taking this medicine.
PregnancyPlease consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Use only when no safer alternative exists for a serious problem.Breast FeedingPlease consult your doctor before taking this medicine if you are breastfeeding.


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